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Benefits of Revanta Power Tube

    • Solar Power tube as the term quotes is one of the first kind in India designed to address space constraint issues in.
    • Commercial and residential buildings.
    • Its revolutionary and innovative design occupies a smaller area compared to the Flat panels. To quote specifics: A 1KW Revanta PT occupies 10Sq Ft when compared to a flat panel which uses 100 Sq FT space.
    • The Revanta Power tube technology with its unique design can capture the solar energy in all directions (ie:360 angle).
    • compared to the Flat panel which captures only at a particular angle.
    • To add, the higher wind resistance in a PT is morev stronger than the Flat panel type.
    • The Highlight of Revanta PT is its highly efficient German technology Mono crystalline panels which generates a larger quantity of energy than the Flat panel.
    • The PT is more idealistic with respect to the cost factor.