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Comparative analysis between Crystal Glass Dome And Plastic Dome

Crystal Glass Dome

Plastic Dome

Component Crystal Glass Dome Plastic Dome
Overview Lightway Daylight is only Manufacture in the world to manufacture Hand made Bohemia Crystal Glass Dome and Glass Diffuser Generally all Tubular Daylight have Plastic Dome made of Injection moulding or Thermal Forming with Plastic Diffuser
Dome Roof dome are made from Bohemian Crystal and practically don’t age compared to plastic domes. Crystal has 30% greater capacity for collecting daylight when there is cloud cover. Crystal domes don’t distort the natural colors of daylight. The surface of crystal is very hard and smooth and smog and dust doesn’t stick to it as on plastic. Crystal domes don’t yellow after several years on a roof and continue to emit light for decades. The surface of the dome is perfectly washed with each rain because smog and dust are not baked on as with ordinary plastic domes Plastic domes are made either by Injection Moulding or much cheaper process by Thermal Forming. Though Plastic domes manufacture claim UV resistant, Generally Plastic domes tend to get fade or become yellowish after 2-3yrs which will block the transfer of sunlight effectively also transfer excess heat specially in Harsh Indian climates.
Reflective Tubing Using plasma technology, many layers are adhered to aluminum in a vacuum. Silver and silicon are the most important. Thanks to this, its directional reflectivity of sunlight at an angle of 45 degrees is 98%. A real silver layer with extremely thin and flexible materials similar to glass layers will ensure the best reflectivity for decades. The layers hold very long and they do not develop the small bubbles and irregularities which we know happen with old mirrors or in American sun tunnels especially, which use glued-on reflective foil that begins to unglue from the aluminum in places from the very beginning. Why choose a Lightway tube? We are living in a time when sunlight is most needed. Such dreary winter afternoons are the perfect time to see that crystal sun tunnels are still shining in the room, while other types of sun tunnel are just tiredly squinting. Aluminium Tube laminated with reflective foil.  producers claim a reflectivity of 99.7%. Directional reflectivity below an impact angle of 45 degrees, for sunlight directed into the room in the tube according to laboratory tests is a mere 50%!!! These angles of ray impact on the reflective layer of the tube are typical for a sun tunnel and gauge its capacity to actually deliver sunlight.
Diffuser Diffuser is made of Sodium-Potassium Glass. The light transported through the sun tunnel must be evenly spread through the room. Lightway produces this component from glass. The light will continuously have fresh colors and a natural movement that occurs evenly through the entire room, pleasantly scattering fresh light from the sky. Plastic diffusers can distort the colors of light, and glass looks more valuable. So why glass? Can you imagine having a window and instead of glass it would be filled with plastic? Injection moulded polycarbonate with prismatic lens. After few years, plastic diffuser can distort the colours of light.