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Maxi-Airflo Technology

Maxi- Airflow Technology gives Revanta Aer’s Solar powered ventilation system the highest CFM efficiency of any solar powered ventilation system. Maxi-Airflow Technology combination with our Proprietary BLDC motor and Fan blade design offers maximum air flow production even at minimal solar energy production. As hot air is drawn into our Solar fans, the air flow stream is squeezed through the Funnel shaped housing , this effect produces maximum air density and pressure at the blade which pushes the hot air resulting in more Air exchanges for better Thermal comfort.

Revanta Aer is specifically designed and engineered for Hot and Humid Indian Climatic condition to provide maximum Thermal comfort at Zero operating cost and save huge energy cost. Revanta Aer’s Maxi-Airflow Technology is inspired by Physics, Engineered for performance and preservers nature for the Future.