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Why glass? Can you imagine having a window and instead of glass it would be filled with plastic?


What are the characteristics of Crystal type sun tunnels?

  • They have a dome of crystal glass.
  • They gather more light.
  • They are enduring and do not age.
  • Do not get dirty like plastic domes.
  • They look great on the roof.

Unlike sun tunnels which, instead of a dome, use a roof window or flat glass in a skylight frame, the crystal dome collects 30% more light. Due to the glass the dome is produced from and the shape of the dome, it is very capable of gathering light from the sky even when it’s cloudy.


False Ceiling Glass Diffuser

The Light Diffuser is produced from sodium-potassium glass. The light transported through the sun tunnel must be evenly spread through the room. Lightway produces this component from glass. The light will continuously have fresh colors and a natural movement that occurs evenly through the entire room, pleasantly scattering fresh light from the sky. Plastic diffusers can distort the colors of light, and glass looks more valuable.

LW600 S
LW800 S

Plexiglass Dome

It has a dome of very resistant Plexiglas.

It is a material similar to glass but it’s more flexible. It doesn’t get dirty because it has a smooth and hard surface and shape, which is self-cleaning with each rain. It delivers the same crystal sunlight as the Crystal type. It doesn’t have as high resistance as the crystal glass dome of the Crystal line of sun tunnels, but thanks to its large diameter, it isn’t as sensitive as the smaller Crystal sun tunnels to any changes in permeability of the light dome. With the smaller diameters of the Crystal series, using Plexiglas material for the dome could in some cases mean a loss of light delivered through tubes of smaller diameters. In comparison with the classic plastic domes, it is highly resistant to ageing and isn’t affected by UV rays as in the plastics which are used to make domes.

Reflective Tubing

Using plasma technology, many layers are adhered to aluminum in a vacuum. Silver and silicon are the most important. Thanks to this, its directional reflectivity of sunlight at an angle of 45 degrees is 98%. The layers hold very long and they do not develop the small bubbles and irregularities which we know happen with old mirrors or in American sun tunnels especially, which use glued-on reflective foil that begins to unglue from the aluminum in places from the very beginning. Why choose a Lightway tube? We are living in a time when sunlight is most needed. Such dreary winter afternoons are the perfect time to see that crystal sun tunnels are still shining in the room, while other types of sun tunnel are just tiredly squinting.


Problem in bringing Straight Tube?
Lightway Unique design will help you in bringing daylight using Elbow 0-45degree turn to light up the space.


It’s not necessary to have plenty of light everywhere all the time. An electrically-controlled cover inside the tube stops light entry in rooms where sunlight isn’t desired at the moment.

Blue Performance

Lightway Blue Performance ensures that:
water will not leak from the sun tunnel nor damage the interior or building construction you will not incur precious thermal losses in winter there will not be overheating of the room in summer months
there are not wet ceilings and walls, and that unhealthy mould will not form sun tunnels meet standards for thermal permeability in passive and low-energy homes

Metal Roof Flashing

Custom-made Leak Proof to match your metal roof covering. Flashings are made from the same material as metal roof coverings, thereby ensuring long-lasting performance and the same appearance of flashing and roof this also ensures no water leak and safety during roof maintains.