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  • We operate in the high demand infrastructure sector which is continually fed with the need for economically viable & environmentally sustaining projects.
  • We have a business model that is scalable & profitable
  • A good management team comprising of persons with business management & technical excellence.
  • Our group businesses comprise of a well balanced & diversified project portfolio.


To reach our vision of building and delivering projects of very long term solutions, we have carefully crafted our strategies to achieve our goal:

  • Incorporation of meaningful state of the art technologies
  • Continuously innovate for improved deliveries & profitability
  • Profitable integration & strategic diversification of various businesses within the group
  • Recruitment & retention of qualified talent from the industry
  • Partner with local communities in procurement, workforce & group CSR activities
  • Consolidation at regional level & expansion to international markets

Core Purpose

We are committed to global standards of infrastructure development with a model that is inclusive of community and conscious of the environment

Core Values

  • Innovation: We embrace new ideas with courage and enthusiasm in our endeavour to provide meaningful innovative products and services.
  • Community: Commitment to the welfare & development of the community and the environment in which we work, is the bedrock of all our actions.
  • Empowerment: Empowering employees to take ownership of their work and to be accountable to both internal & external customers.
  • Leadership: Creating new leaders from within the organization, who appreciate responsibility, risk, and respect.
  • Collaboration: Building a collaborative culture at all levels – be it amongst employees, with our communities or our global partners.
  • Service Excellence: We commit to the service we offer our clients in all transparency & uncompromising integrity.